Our professionally trained guards can be the best first line of defense for retail spaces or even provide event security at your next trade show. Whether you need mobile patrols on-site or door supervisors for your event, Securitum Security provides these services with the highest level of professionalism.


Securitum Security has monitoring solutions designed to fit any and all of your security needs. Our monitoring packages will bring you peace of mind knowing that your property is protected by a state of the art system installed by trained certified technicians thus ensuring you and your family are protect by the best in the business. Securitum Security manages an in-house technical department which allows us to deal with technical issues forth with and efficiently. We have the skills and experience to do an analysis of your property and provide you with improvements to your existing system and ensure that what you value most is protect.


Securitum Security has reliable fleet of tactial response vehicles manned by efficient, highly trained response officers. All of our reaction officers are Force members and had intensive in house training. Each and every one of our vehicles is branded and has state of the art GPS live tracking. They are communicating constantly with our control room so they can respond swiftly according to our policy and your instructions. Our modern, secure control room is manned around the clock ensuring that alarm activations are dealt with immediately. Securitum Security armed response, being area based allows us to respond rapidly to each and every call out, thus ensuring you a swift resolution to your urgent call of assistance. We work hand in hand with the Kenya Police Force as well as in conjunction with the Community Policing Forum. A security package is designed especially for the client with respect to his specific needs and financial capabilities.


Securitum Security has delivered superior guarding services. Securitum Security values long - term relationships with our clients and Fare developing a strong understanding that results in quality security outcomes. When we provide guarding services, we take the time to understand your needs and your environment as well as a full risk assessment to ensure that our security officers will fit your requirements. The above security officers will be duly uniformed and well equipped. In addition they will carry a panic button which is linked to our control room. In the event of a problem, Armed Reaction assistance will be dispatched by our control room immediately.

VIP Services

Top security for important clients and governments. Our operatives will act out of professionalism and devotion to their principals and will always go to their assistance when they are depended on despite any danger or difficulty. They will strive to the best of their ability to fully and successfully complete all that is required of them according to instructions, company regulations and their sprit.


To ensure that guards complete their duties accordingly and in accordance with company policy and the clients instructions, Securitum Security has Area Managers and Supervisors who will check on the guards twice during the day and three times during night shift.


Securitum Security is an independent consultancy not tied to any other businesses. This means that the advice we give you is unbiased, objective and impartial. After reviewing your needs, we make recommendations that are right for your business and your budget. Our Management team all have the necessary experience to give you the best advice possible and the knowledge to consult and recommend an unequalled security solution for you unique needs. Securitum Security maintains an excellent business relation with leading manufacturers in the security industry. This allow the company to keep abreast of all the latest technological trends and state of art developments in specialized system and weapons.



We offer a comprehensive selection of security services, including security guards, keyholding and alarm response, CCTV cameras, dog handlers, event security and close protection.